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Types of Loft Conversions

With the ever increasing cost of moving home and the recession hitting people hard it is no wonder people are looking to improve instead of move. One of the best ways to increase the size of your home is to have a loft conversion done. Typically loft conversions can range in cost from £20000 – £30000 + the increase invale of the property also increases.

Types of loft conversions


Velux windows are placed on the existing roof line, which makes this type on conversion relatively cheap because there is not much change to the existing roof.


Is one of the more popular conversions and allows for additional headroom and space. The doorma is a fixed structure that comes out from the roof line.


Is a lot move expensive but gives a great deal more space. The structure protrudes from the top of the roof and completely down one side, giving a great deal more head room.

Hip to Gable

Is by far one of the more costly loft conversions and involves a lot more work particularly to support the existing structure of the roof.
Locating a Good loft Conversion Specialist
A loft conversion is really one of those jobs you really need to get specialist builders in to complete the work. Make sure you can see some of the builders previous work. We have listed below some reputable specialist in your ares: